Sunday, 14 June 2015

General PSA

For those who haven't noticed; I do NOT think like you! Stop painting me with your brush & assuming that my motivations are the same as yours because you will be wrong every single damn time. I am not in the slightest bit interested in competing with the world, I do not think I'm better than you & I do not post from a place of self interest. I want what is best for everyone, because we are all human & all have to share this planet. The fact that so many people get so defensive over the idea that they consider things from a neutral perspective instead of a personal one says way more about you than it does me.

Like everyone else I have my own beliefs, opinions, likes & dislikes but my solution isn't to all be me it's to let everyone be themselves. I don't have to believe in something for it to be true to someone else. I don't have to partake in something for those around me to partake in it. I don't have to like something just because you do. And vise versa. Your actions outside of yourself have consequences. I'm not asking you to do anything more than consider them before acting. Your words can't be taken back & they do leave scars on others even if you can't see them. Luckily I don't care what you think of me so your words don't hurt me, but your actions do offend me when you think you have a right to treat people like garbage.

Also by the time I give my opinion on such things I've already considered numerous different points of view & have choosen the one that I feel is beneficial to many. Just because most people think about themselves first doesn't make that my motivation.

News flash we are all humans & the Earth revolves around the sun. Grow up & start being part of the whole instead of thinking everything is about just you. Just because something doesn't directly affect you doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

The personal attacks on my character need to stop. I am none of the things people keep accusing me of. All I want is a better place for all. I am not the enemy so quit treating me like one. I'm not the world's punching bag for those not open to a point of view that is collective rather than singular. If you can't have a civil, intelligent conversation without personal attacks you are not welcome on my posts. If I wasn't the person I am just consider that you could have been responsible for depression or suicide by now. Be glad I don't take thinks personally but rather socially.

I am not after pity I'm after the same respect that you yourself expect.

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