Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wisdom teeth

A week later & I still feel traumatised. And no I don't think that is too strong a word for having had four difficult wisdom teeth removed. The aching was annoying but nothing I haven't had to put up with before. It's everything else that is doing my head in. They nicked something that connects to my nose while in there so I can’t blow it until mid next week so as to avoid damage. I couldn't use a straw in the first week (again re causing damage) which would have made drinking so much easier in those first few days. I hate laying on my back but I am not yet game to put the pressure from my heavy headed sleeping on my cheeks plus I toss & turn when not in a forced position. Brushing my teeth is hard & I hate having food stuck in my teeth so I'm still nibbling everything with my front teeth. Eating has never been my strong point & I'm the person who has rarely eaten on my left side in over 20 years as it's the last side I lost a tooth from & I could never bring myself to chew with the gum all tender & now I'm being told to just eat normally, it's fine. I don't think people understand just now not fine it is to try & eat normally when I've had my gums cut into, my lower lip is still partially numb & all my teeth feel like they have been rearranged. It feels like I'm gumming my food & the closest I've come is chips. It's not fine. It's far from fine & I honestly don't know how long it will be before I'm brave enough to try eating with my molars again. I just need my mouth to feel normal...

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