Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Revelation

Let's make this the year terrible things do not happen before people understand they are important. The year when people care because it is the right thing to do: not a fad or for personal gain. The year when we come together as humans to embrace not only our oneness but the differences that make us unique and special. If you only care when there is a headline or a celebrity endorsement you are part of the problem. Instead make every day a day for equality, acceptance & caring. Make a difference! Make your actions count, because words can only go so far. Make this the year that we stand up to governments, bigots and extremists. It’s time to say enough is enough, because if we don't nobody else will. Our rights to choose and be safe are fundamental; it’s time to stop putting personal beliefs and outdated documents ahead of society. Stand up, be a voice of change. Stop being passive and reactive and start being proactive in making this world a better place for all. Raise the next generation to take care of this planet and all that live here. Complacency is no longer an option! Compassion, understanding, acceptance, selflessness and respect are key to a brighter future. Be part of the change; don’t sit back and watch life happen only to complain about it later.  

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