Sunday, 29 July 2012


In no particular order 

“You're gonna fly with every dream you chase | You're gonna cry but know that that's okay | Sometimes life's not fair but if you hang in thereYou’re Gonna Be by Reba McEntire

“She handed me a heart shaped locket that said | ‘To thine own self be true’” Fancy by Reba McEntire

Be yourself everybody else is taken | And no one else can do the things you do” Be Yourself by Melinda Schneider

“You don't know it's right until it's wrong | You don't know it's yours until it's gone | I didn't know that it was home ‘til you up and left” Come and Find Me by Josh Ritter

“You say I’m complicated & tragic | Well you see what you want to see | I just don’t get it why you’re so sympathetic | Cause I couldn’t feel more like me | No I don’t want your pity | Hunny keep it too yourself | You might be heading right | But I’m still turning left” My Own Thing by Jasmine Rae

‘Some of the greatest stories get told when there’s nothing left to defend.’ & ‘Some of the bravest stories get told because of life’s ups & downs.’ Just Because of Me by Aleyce Simmonds

“Shadows scatter in the morning | Stars shine brighter in the night | I just need to hear you whisper it’s alright | It’s alright” The Man Across the Street by Amber Lawrence

 “You got it going on | Everything about you | Is everything a shallow girl would wanna cling to | You got the money, got the car, got the real estate, | The bluest eyes in the world | Right moves, right words, right now | Wrong girl” Wrong Girl by Dianna Corcoran

 “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger | Stand a little taller | Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone” Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

“And life makes love look hard” Ours by Taylor Swift

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