Monday, 20 August 2012


Love is not a right, it’s an emotion. We don’t choose who we love, love chooses us. Nobody should have to fight for the right to human emotion. Marriage is not homosexual, it’s a union. Love is not homosexual, it’s an emotion. A percentage of people are homosexual, but that is only one part of who they are, not what defines them. What defines a person is not who they love, but how they treat others and live their lives. Sexuality, gender, race, religion or political views should not be characteristics that hierarchy people and determine which rights they are and aren’t entitled to. Everyone should be born to the same set of rights. If someone chooses to forfeit these rights that is their choice; but we should not be denied them simply on the basis of what we are.

People too often hide behind ‘freedom of speech’, but this is not a right to say whatever you want, to whoever you want and damn the consequences. “With great power comes great responsibility.” People may have the broader right to a freedom of speech but we are not the only ones on the planet and with that right comes the responsibility to consider how your comments affect others. Freedom of speech is not a right to hurt or belittle others just because you can. I do not find an informed opinion different to my own insulting. Everyone has a right to an informed opinion. People do not however have a right to enforce an opinion rooted in ignorance on someone who is living their lives to the best of their ability and harming nobody. There are legal activities that I don’t partake in but am hardly going to deny people the right to choose to take part in those activities for themselves. Nor am I going to turn away a potential friend because they do not live up to my life choices. We would be a planet of lonely people if we only let people in who agreed with us. My life is mine to live and yours is yours; THAT is the beauty of freedom.

Those who are homosexual are part of the same society as those who are heterosexual. They breathe the same air, they need to eat and drink to survive, they go to school, have jobs and whether some people like it or not they fall in love. They have the right to marry, start families and be represented just like straight people do. Rights that the heterosexual members of community are born to and take for granted.


Nobody is asking the generic you to marry someone of the same gender or even attend a wedding between a same sex couple. To those who say that gays are ruining the sanctity of marriage; take a look at the divorce rates among the heterosexual community before you make judgement on what defines and takes away from the sanctity of marriage. Sure people grow apart, and for these people to end a marriage or relationship is the right decision. But consider that there are people marrying and divorcing not only years later as they grow apart but in the course of months, weeks and even days. It is these whirlwind unions that make a mockery of marriage and commitment. If two consenting adults are in a loving, committed relationship it is this, not the gender of the couple in question that matters. Marriage is a commitment between people who are in love with each other. Nobody says ‘straight marriage’ so why should anyone say ‘gay marriage’. Hopefully one day marriage will be a single rather than segregated term.


Just as everyone should have the right to marry the person they love they should have the right to start a family with that person if they wish. Same sex couples may not be able to procreate in the most commonly accepted manner; but neither can all heterosexual couples. Does this mean that they are not entitled to start a family either? There are sperm donors, surrogate mothers, IVF and adoption: all options freely open to heterosexual couples or even single people wishing to start a family. These options should be equally available to same sex couples wishing to start a family.

To those who say that same sex couples ruin the sanctity of family; would you prefer a child grow up in an abusive heterosexual household or a loving homosexual one? To those who think that a child growing up with gay parents will ‘turn’ them gay: 1/ you don’t choose your sexuality, you are born to it; and 2/ where do you think gay people come from (generally straight parents).

Would you turn away your child or a long-time friend because you find out they are gay? They are the same person you have always known; only difference is who you now know they love. Words leave scars and these scars are often the hardest to bear. Your hate may be what pushes someone, be they someone you know or a complete stranger reading your words online, over the edge and ends with them taking their lives. Put yourself in their shoes: how would YOU like someone to tell you that you weren’t allowed to marry the person you love because it makes them uncomfortable.

“Sometimes we're strong, sometimes we're weak
Sometimes we're hurt and it cuts deep
We live this life breath to breath
We're all the same, we all bleed red”
~Bleed Red: Ronnie Dunn~


  1. Dear Kat, the world through your eyes is so beautiful & this is exactly how it should be. This is one of the most heartfelt & moving article I've ever read! I 100% agree with every word. I'm so proud of being friend with an extraordinary human being like you. It's thanks to people like you that this world will change for the better!
    Keep spreading the LOVE <3

    1. Thank you Aïcha, your kind words & friendship means the world to me <3