Friday, 20 July 2012

Movie night becomes real life horror

What is the world coming to that we aren't even safe watching a movie... Going to the movies is supposed to be an enjoyable or moving experience; for many a chance to escape reality for a time. It should be a time to laugh, or feel inspired or learn something new. The only fear should come from a good horror movie or the inevitable scare when something jumps out or makes a loud noise unexpectedly. Going to the movies should not equal fear for your life, looking over your shoulder or wondering if you’ll make it home to see your loved ones.
A long established and much loved movie franchise has now become for some people associated with a night of terror; something many once enjoyed is now soured by pain and loss. A night when they witnessed some of the worst society has to offer. A night when many lost loved ones or were seriously injured. This is not what anyone should take from a movie going experience.
And what puts it even more into perspective is that last night 'RIP *insert twitter name here* got retweeted onto my timeline. I followed the link to the person's account and the last thing they tweeted was trying to convince a friend to join them saying that the movie doesn't start for 20 minutes. An account that will never be used again. One minute conversing with friends about a movie the next gone because of the senseless acts of a gun wielding maniac.
Such terrifying and heartbreaking news. RIP to all those whose lives were lost in the Auroa Colorado shooting and a speedy recovery to those who were injured.

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  1. This article moved me to tears, thank you Kat for being so subtle & empathic & for choosing to talk about such a delicate subject.
    I went to the Cinema yesterday & before getting there I almost forgot this tragedy, while I was sitting, I suddenly remembered & I couldn't breath for a while thinking about this nightmare... Talking about it is honoring the victims memories & the best way to not putting this behind, people should never forget such tragedies...
    May all of the lives lost RIP & all the injured get a speedy recovery.