Friday, 27 December 2013


Let me start off by saying that I quite frankly don’t care what you think of me for posting this, because I am flat out sick of the double standards. I constantly see all these posts and articles about how insensitive it is to seemingly even utter the words overweight or obese but apparently it's perfectly ok to single out celebrities in magazines for being too thin and to brush off those with fast metabolisms as whiners. PSA: under and overweight are potentially unhealthy and both can be a continuous struggle. How is it bullying to suggest an overweight person seek help but it's a public service to highlight the anorexic... How is singling out the thin in magazines not bullying when if that were done to the overweight there would be a public outcry. What sort of world do we live in where it is ok to not only publicly expose those suffering from being underweight/anorexic and socially correct to encourage them to seek help but bullying to suggest the same to an overweight/obese person. We live in a world where people are bombarded with the fact that they should all be thin but people are scared to even suggest that someone is too big yet have no hesitation in saying that someone is too small from a health perspective (do people not see how messed up all these contradictory claims are). Why is it ok to ask thin celebrities about their eating habits during interviews but an outrage to ask the same of a larger celebrity (neither are the interviewer’s business). It’s hypocrisy to say that one is helping and one is bullying when singling out a person’s weight, because quite frankly if you are doing anything more than trying to help a person for health reasons it’s bullying; it’s really not a wonder this world is rife with body image issues. So many people are always on about having compassion and that people come in all sizes. Well you know what small is a size too and just because it invokes jealously in people doesn't make it right to plaster magazines with the anorexic who are struggling with a disease or brush off those who eat well but struggle to maintain weight any more than it is ok to bully the overweight/obese. A healthy weight has nothing to do with clothing size but your BMI (Body Mass Index) based on weight versus height. Until people realise this we will continue to live in a world where people are bullied for their size instead of being encouraged to be healthy. Surely it is more important to be healthy and happy than it is to be a size zero. Instead of publicly bullying others how about people start taking stock of their own health and body image because size zero doesn't always equal healthy and size 14 doesn't always equal unhealthy. It all depends on the individual. We need to stop talking about weight in terms of ‘shaming’ & start taking responsibility for our own lives because shame is internal not something inflicted on you by others. Stop blaming others for your feelings & your life. Start discussing weight in terms of health, because until we do we won’t open a dialogue on the important issues, we will continue to throw pity parties & blame everyone else for our choices. 

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