Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Stop stealing indie films

Uploading artists work online so that people don't have to pay or wait for the physical or digital release undermines the entire creative process and the artist's right to make a living from their art. Your right to see/own a copy of their work does NOT precede the artist's right to make a living. You have a right to see/own it when you pay for it! Independent artists are essentially self-funded. You are stealing directly from them by providing their work freely. 

Furthermore uploading only certain actor's parts of a film not only diminishes the work of all the other talented people involved it misses the point of the film, which can only be understood in its entirety. If illegal uploads increase significantly when a certain actor is in a film they may be an asset for their talent but YOU are turning them into a financial liability by making them high risk actors. So since many of you clearly have no compassion for the film-makers and all the hard work, talent and heart that goes into bringing us their work you may have somewhere inside you a shred of compassion for the actors you claim to admire and start supporting their work by supporting the entirety of the film instead of stealing from the creators to feed your obsessions. 

To love indie film is a passion. They are not backed by multi-million dollar studios or churned out regularly like Hollywood films; not that I'm condoning stealing Hollywood movies. If you wish to see them you have to be patient. If you wish indie film-makers to keep creating these beautiful films you have to pay for them. If you wish your favourite actors to keep getting work stop stealing the films they are in. Have some respect; not only for the creative process but the hard working, talented people behind the films, because without their vision there are no films. 

PS. I don't care what country you are from. Film-makers do not work to feed your obsessions, they work to tell stories. I'm from Australia and that makes it just as difficult for me to see indie films as for many of you; but you know what I travel and I wait. And I am happy to wait because I know that the films are worth it and that in supporting the artists I'm helping them do something they love, something they generously share with us for us to love. 

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