Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tagging Spoilers

Member of the Castle spoiler free club!

I have long ago lost count of how many times I have politely asked people in the Castle fandom to tag spoilers on twitter. It is not that difficult to type #spoiler at the start of each tweet about an episode that hasn’t been released yet. As for Facebook have people considered creating a group or page where people can discuss spoilers and post pictures so that they don't end up on everyone's timelines through personal posts. 

The Internet forms a community and like any community there are people with varying opinions. Not everyone likes spoilers, so please be considerate and respectful and tag anything relating to an unaired episode. Also please don't use spoilery pictures as your display pictures.

I did my stint in high school and I don’t like being made to feel like I am back there because people can’t think beyond their own concerns. I am tired of being ostracised from using my social networking accounts because I’m worried of being spoiled. I have just as much right to be online as the rest of you. Excitement is not an excuse. I’m excited and yet I still tag my posts (with something distinguishing) when I watch the episodes because I know not everyone can see them at the same time as me. When you claim that excitement is an excuse not only are you ostracising the spoiler free by not tagging spoilers you are now also insinuating that we are not as excited because we don’t like them. Those who enjoy spoilers do not have more right to be online than those who don’t. And it doesn’t make you a better fan because you want to know every little detail you can get your hands on. We are all fans regardless of our feelings about spoilers. It takes less than ten seconds to type #spoiler and it only uses up eight characters. Quit being inconsiderate and acting like you are more important than the rest of us. I’m sick of being made to feel like I’m a second class citizen in this fandom.  

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