Saturday, 8 September 2012


How can someone compare the most violent and personal of violations to changing a tyre!

Women are not just afterthoughts to be dealt with like a menial chore. Our safety and rights are not something to be set aside like a contingency for a rainy day. Rape is a serious issue and yet some of these American politicians act as though its victims are a burden to society. They come across as unsympathetic and totally lacking in any compassion; like they’ve never met a women in their lives. They act as though rape is something that just happens and should be dealt with. But women are not second class citizens and rape is not some nothing issue to be swept under the rug. The victims are not the ones who should be made to feel like they did something wrong and women should certainly not have put money aside in case of rape.

It’s deplorable the comments concerning rape and women that are coming out of certain American politicians at the moment. The fact that even one person thinks like this is disgusting. The fact that people make the choice to leave their house and voluntarily vote for these people, because yes voting is a choice in the State, not mandatory like in Australia, is downright scary.

For those who haven’t noticed we live in the 21st century, not the dark ages. Women are not second class citizens and our bodies are not your property to decide the fate of. Stop vindicating these monsters and start protecting the victims. Stop treating women as though they caused the issue and start dealing with those who actually do. Get out of your old fashioned headspace and realise that women have just as much right as men to be safe, productive members of society. This is not a man’s world and women are just living in it. This is everyone’s world and it’s high time everyone realised this. 


  1. I CAN'T believe that such things are possible even in the worst case scenario where this world is totally doomed to unconsciousness & depravity!!! That's just DISGUSTING, AWFUL, beyond words... Those politicians seem to be self serving psychopaths with no redeeming qualities, without a HEART, BRAIN or CONSCIENCE. Even with this explanation I couldn't believe that it is possible for someone to say such hideous things. Does those folks don't have a mother, a sister, a wife? Or is it supposed to happen only to the others & not to their close circle? It's sheer madness!!! After hearing such things, I'm really ashamed of being in the same planet as those freaks!!!!