Thursday, 14 August 2014

Depression and suicide

We live in a world where negativity is rife and the apparent need for competition in some is like the need for air. But life is not a competition it’s about finding *your* happiness, not trying to duplicate someone else’s. There is so much negativity and neediness online these days that it’s often hard to tell whether someone is genuinely suffering or simply seeking attention. How often must someone repeat the same positive messages to you before you believe them? Why would a person choose to talk to you regularly or in some cases every day if they didn’t like you? Why is it so hard to accept a compliment and believe the good in yourself instead of constantly believing the bullies of the world and hating yourself instead?

Depression is a silent illness fought by so many and yet when something like suicide rears its head do people ban together to help combat this often silent killer… No, they take it as an opportunity to once again assert the need for competition and fight over the morality of suicide, a competition nobody is ever going to win because the very concept of taking one’s life is such a personal one. So instead of making this about morals or personal beliefs, which nobody is ever going to agree on, why don’t people take this as yet another opportunity to spread awareness of mental illness? Tweet the number to the suicide hotline in your country along with any organisations that help those with depression. Offer to listen to those who want to talk. Let people know they are not alone. Make trending count for something and hashtag suicide or depression in these tweets.

Instead of choosing to divide society take this as an opportunity to work together and collectively get behind a cause that many share. Help reduce the stigmatism that still surrounds mental illness and just maybe more people will admit they have a problem, seek help and not wind up committing suicide. Don’t waste another opportunity to make this a priority by bickering and attacking each other’s opinions.

Help in Australia:

Lifeline (24 hour support line): 13 11 14

Beyond Blue – depression and anxiety support

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